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Window Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

window-cleaning-tips-for-homeownersHow long has it been since you had your windows cleaned? Do you live in an area where the weather is harsh? Do dust and pollen make your windows look disturbingly dirty? If you can relate to these questions, then it is time for some window-cleaning!

We know that most homeowners nowadays rely on professional cleaning services because they do not have the time or the tools to do the cleaning on their own. After all, making the windows look sparkling clean again is indeed a laborious and risky job. Fortunately, there are professional cleaners who are properly trained and equipped to get rid of window dirt fast and easy. However, if you are confident that you can take on this project, let us share some valuable tips with you! And remember, be careful when going up the ladder!

Window Cleaning Dos


1. Use a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks on your windows. Regular cloths or rags will surely create unexpected lines on the glass. So avoid the headache and just go for a good quality, window-cleaning microfiber cloth.

2. If you can go green and make your own natural cleaning solution, the better! A good cleaning solution can be made with the use of white vinegar, lemons and baking soda. Another possible mixture is the combination of 1/3 cup vinegar and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.

3. Remember The Karate Kid? Use two hands, with a microfiber cloth each, when cleaning glass windows. One hand should wipe the cleaning solution onto the window and the other hand should wipe it off. Again, wipe on, wipe off!

4. Bothered by minor imperfections on your windows? You can mask those scratches with the use of toothpaste. Apply a thin layer on the affected area and voila! Your windows will smooth again!

5. To make the job easier, you can vacuum the windows first to remove cobwebs and other dirt. This way, they will be less complicated to clean.


Window Cleaning Don’ts


cleaning-windows-with-vinegar1. Don’t forget to protect your hands. Wear a pair of high-quality rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with your window cleaner of choice. Most cleaners contain harsh chemicals which may cause allergic reactions to the skin.

2. Don’t use a damaged squeegee. A worn out rubber blade may actually scratch the smooth surface of your windows. You surely wouldn’t want that, would you?

3. Don’t use cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. Chemical cleaners aren’t only harmful for your skin or your eyes. They may also create an electrical charge that will attract more dust.

4. Don’t use newspaper when cleaning your windows. Contrary to popular belief, newspapers aren’t really recommended for cleaning glass. They contain chemicals (and ink) that may create more mess or stain. You also have to remember that wet newspaper will no longer be recycled. If you want to help Mother Nature, leave the newspapers alone and just go for a microfiber cloth.

5. Don’t clean your windows under direct sunlight. Chances are, the fast drying of the glass will just create smears and water spots. Clean them during a cool day, when there’s shade and a few clouds.

6. Don’t forget about the frames. They also need to be cleaned just as much as the windows do.

7. Don’t leave detergent on the glass. Wipe it off right away to avoid turning them into ugly spots.

8. Don’t clean all of your windows all at once. Doing so will surely overwhelm and exhaust you. Schedule a room or two at a time, whatever is more convenient for you.


Bonus Window Cleaning Tips


Danny and Snady Pearce are our favourite window cleaners from Tarniet and they want to share some tips, too!

1. When washing windows with town water always dry off with a squeegee otherwise the chlorine and fluoride will etch into the glass.

2. When you have contractors at home and where they are using grinders or welding, protect your glass otherwise the sparks will etch into the glass.

3. Keep your sprinklers away from glass otherwise the chlorine and fluoride will etch into the glass.

4. Laminated and toughened glass – never clean on the inside with a blade – instead use washing detergent and 10% ammonia cleaner and steel wool 00 grade.

5. Avoid using window cleaner as it has oils which will be seen after the cleaning. Don’t scrape your windows dry. Always use the detergent and ammonia. Amonia leaves a shine that lasts 3 to 4 months.

We hope that you find these as the best window cleaning tips for homeowners valuable. Do you have other tips to add? Feel free to comment them below!

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