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How To Choose A Kitchen Layout For Your Dream Home


We all know that the kitchen is the busiest room in our homes. It is where a lot of our daily activities take place such as food preparation, cooking, and even cleaning. With that being said, it is only practical and wise to have a kitchen that’s built and designed flawlessly to achieve utmost functionality and efficiency. To ensure that this part of your home will turn out perfect, you should start by choosing the right layout based on the universal work triangle — a concept that’s used as the prime principle in the design of ergonomic and functional kitchens.

If you are preparing to have your home built or your kitchen renovated, take a look at these tips that we’ve compiled just for you. We hope that these will help you plan and design your kitchen, of course with the help of your trusted home designer!

U-shaped kitchen

I. The U-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is perfect for two cooks. Here are a few tips to make it more functional:

1. Make sure that there are no obstacles in the space at the center of the U.

2. The space beside the fridge should serve as the preparation area; the space on beside the stove is for cooking and the one beside the sink is for cleaning up.

3. Position the sink near or opposite the cooktop.

4. To prevent getting a “boxed in” look, use decors or accents on the available corner spaces.

5. Remember that the floor area should at least be 2438 mm by 243 mm. This should ensure smooth transition from one work area to another.

L-shaped Kitchen


II. The L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout is perfect if you live in a small townhouse or a studio-type apartment. Here are a few tips to help you design it effectively:

1. Remember to keep the “work triangle” or “kitchen triangle” intact.

2. The lengthy space between the sink and the cooktop should serve as the meal preparation area.

3. Instead of putting stuff on the counter, you can avoid the cluttered look and just have overhead cabinets built.

4. This time, there’s no need to place decors or accents on corners. Otherwise, the kitchen will look as if it’s cramped.

5. Make the center of the L — where the two counters meet — look spacious by placing a classy lamp or installing overhead droplights.

one wall kitchen

III. The One-Wall Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout is perfect for homeowners who prioritize work-flow efficiency. Here are some tips to help you realise a beautiful and highly-functional kitchen:

1. Make sure to place your sink between the refrigerator and the cooktop.

2. To make this simple kitchen layout look more pleasing, consider adding a backsplash — tiles or granite installed behind the kitchen counter.

3. If there’s still enough space in the room, you can place an island or a dining table. You may also add a cupboard or shelf, adjacent to a wall. That should provide you with more storage space.

Island Floor Plan

IV. The Island Floor Plan

This kitchen layout is perfect for large kitchens of which space should be reduced to achieve better work-flow efficiency. Here are some tips that will help you design your kitchen properly:

1. There should be enough space between the island and the kitchen counter.

2. Plan the island design according to your needs. Would you like to have a sink installed on it? How about use it as your meal preparation or dining area? Whatever’s your preference, you should consult a trustworthy home builder to ensure utmost kitchen functionality.

3. Of course, we shouldn’t forget beautiful pendant lights installed above the island! They’ll definitely make the room more pleasing to the eyes.

4. Lastly, make sure that the island matches or complements the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Galley Kitchen

V. The Galley Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout is popular for its space-saving features! Here are some tips to help you plan your dream galley kitchen:

1. Again, there should be enough space between the two counters to allow smooth transition from one work area to another. The drawers and appliance doors should also be opened without any hassle.

2. Instead of cabinets, consider installing shelves.

3. In terms of planning the work triangle, you should put the fridge and the sink together. The cooktop, meanwhile, should be placed on the other counter.

4. Lastly, don’t forget to install enough lights!


VI. The G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout is perfect for those who are always on-the-go because the peninsula can be used for quick breakfasts! Here are some tips to help you realise your dream kitchen:

1. Remember to put tall appliances together.

2. Once again, designate the meal preparation, cooking and cleaning areas properly. Never break the kitchen work triangle.

3. Maximize your storage by using the space between the fridge and the cooktop.

We hope that we’ve taught you how to choose a kitchen layout for your dream home through our blog today. Is there anything else that you’d like to add? Don’t hesitate to comment them below!

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