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Summer Energy-Saving Tips For Homes

energy-saving-tips-for-homesWhat comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “summer”? For us Australians, we imagine bright sunny days, memorable vacations, walks in the beach or park and wonderful celebrations with the family. But after all the fun and excitement, here comes the most dreaded part — the electricity bill. We definitely love the warmth of the season but we can’t deny that in order to stay comfortable in our homes, we tend to run our air conditioners at full blast. Here are some tips that will help you curb your electricity bill!

1. Don’t cool the entire house. Only cool the areas or rooms where people are staying. This is possible with the use of an air conditioning system with zoned cooling features or by alternating individual A/C units.

2. Close the windows during a hot day. Lower down the blinds and close rooms that are not in use. Doing so will lessen the warmth inside your home.

3. Instead of using only your A/C unit to cool your home, consider using fans, too. They consume less energy thus result to curbed electricity bills. Fans also evaporate the moisture from your skin, thus making you feel more refreshed.

4. When setting your A/C’s temperature, make sure that you’ll set it between 24 and 25 degrees. Remember that setting the temp a degree hotter than your normal preference would lower down your electricity consumption by a whopping 10%.

5. To allow cool breeze to flow into your home, open the windows on both sides of your house.

ways-to-save-energy6. Make your house as draught-proof as possible if you’re using an air conditioning system. Doing so will keep the refrigerated air inside thus cooling your home efficiently.

7. Hanging draperies or installing roller blinds that are suited perfectly around your windows will reduce the exchange of heat by almost 50%. If you’ll use blinds that have light-coloured backs faced against your windows, the sun’s heat will be deflected.

8. Planting vegetation such as wall vines, thick shrubs and shade trees in your yard is advantageous. They will not only cover your windows but they will also protect your walls and roofs from direct sunlight. According to research, planting for summer actually cools a house by up to 12 degrees.

9. If you don’t like planting, consider having awnings or external shades installed. These things can cool the shaded room by up to 3 degrees.

10. Good insulation is essential to every home. Make sure that the insulation in your walls and ceilings are still in great condition. The better they are, the higher the chances that cool air stays inside your house.

11. Have your air conditioning systems inspected and maintained regularly. Their filters should be consistently cleaned and when damaged, replaced immediately. The outdoor condenser should be cleaned as well and kept free of leaves, debris and dirt. During the winter months, make sure that you’ll cover the condenser to prevent the weather from causing damage to the unit.

12. If you are in need of a new air conditioner for your home, the first thing that you have to consider is the size of the room or the areas that you’ll cool. Seek the assistance of an HVAC professional to ensure that you’ll invest your money in the right appliance.

We hope that you loved these summer energy-saving tips for homes that we shared today. If you’d like to add something on the list, feel free to comment them below!

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