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Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

electrical-safety-tips-for-homeownersAccording to research, electrical issues such as short circuits and ground faults are among the top causes of residential fire. Among the most common pieces of equipment that start fires are heating systems, cooking equipment, electrical distribution equipment and appliances such as dryers, televisions, and washing machines among many others. With these being said, it is only wise that we prioritise safety in our homes by implementing precautionary measures. Here are some tips that should help you keep your homes safe against electrical fires:

1. Turn off your appliances or their power points when you’re not using them or if you’re leaving home.

2. Ensure that you’ll leave enough space for your appliances to breathe. This way, they won’t overheat.

3. Check the electrical cords, houses and plugs of your appliances at home. If they are damaged, frayed, broken or cracked, have them replaced or repaired by a licensed electrician immediately.

4. Avoid using extension cords and electrical appliances near wet areas such as swimming pools, sinks and bathrooms. If that can’t be avoided, just be careful.

5. Never touch electrical plugs, extension cords and wires with wet hands. Remember, water and electricity doesn’t go well together.

6. Exhaust fans should always be cleaned and kept free from lint and dirt. Doing so will avoid overheating.

7.  Don’t forget to switch coffeemakers and toasters off after using them. Always check your toaster for crumbs and other food particles that are stuck in it.

electrical-safety-tips-for-home8. If you have children at home, never forget to use safety plugs and electrical outlet covers. They are practically cheap and will prevent your children from sticking anything into the power sockets.

9. Use surge protectors. They will provide your appliances with some level of protection against damages brought about by power surges.

10. Have safety switches installed in your home. They will protect you from electric shocks when electrical faults happen.

11. Smoke alarms are a must. Inspect them weekly by making use of the test button. Don’t forget to replace the batteries every year.

12. Be prepared for emergencies. Buy approved fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Don’t forget to read the user’s manual so that you’ll know how to use them beforehand.

13. In case you lose power during a storm, remember to turn off as well as unplug your electrical appliances right away.

14. If there are power lines near your house or in your yard, keep trees and plants trimmed.

15. Adults in your home should know where your switchboard or electrical panel is installed. Take time to label the switches so that you would know what they are for.

We hope that you learned valuable electrical fire safety tips for homeowners today! If you have more to add, don’t hesitate to comment them below!

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