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Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners


According to research, electrical issues such as short circuits and ground faults are among the top causes of residential fire. Among the most common pieces of equipment that start fires are heating systems, cooking equipment, electrical distribution equipment and appliances such as dryers, televisions, and washing machines among many others. With these being said, it [...]

How To Unclog A Sink Effectively


Have you ever experienced cleaning up after a meal only to discover that your sink won’t drain at all? That must have been horrible! We all hate clogged drains and yet we can’t escape their wrath. It’s just one of those plumbing emergencies that arise when we least expect it to. So if you ever [...]

How To Choose A Hot Water Heater For Your Home

how to choose a hot water heater

Did you know that your water heating system at home accounts for 25% of your electricity usage? It is quite a costly investment but absolutely a necessity. Who would ever want to boil water in a pot every day just to enjoy a relaxing bath? With that being said, it is essential that you choose [...]

Summer Energy-Saving Tips For Homes


What comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “summer”? For us Australians, we imagine bright sunny days, memorable vacations, walks in the beach or park and wonderful celebrations with the family. But after all the fun and excitement, here comes the most dreaded part --- the electricity bill. We definitely love the warmth [...]

How To Remove Tough Carpet Stains


We’re pretty sure that you’ve experienced spending (almost) an entire day just trying to remove a tough stain on your carpet. A guest might have dropped a glass of red wine the night before. Your child might have used your carpeted floor as a drawing board. Your pet might have been too lazy to urinate [...]

How To Choose A Kitchen Layout For Your Dream Home


We all know that the kitchen is the busiest room in our homes. It is where a lot of our daily activities take place such as food preparation, cooking, and even cleaning. With that being said, it is only practical and wise to have a kitchen that’s built and designed flawlessly to achieve utmost functionality [...]

Window Cleaning Tips For Homeowners


How long has it been since you had your windows cleaned? Do you live in an area where the weather is harsh? Do dust and pollen make your windows look disturbingly dirty? If you can relate to these questions, then it is time for some window-cleaning! We know that most homeowners nowadays rely on professional [...]

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