Is It Time You Spoke To A Builder Who Puts You First?


Attention Prospective Home Owners. Are You Feeling Totally Confused About Building Your Dream Home?

“I can help you design and build your dream home, meeting and exceeding all your expectations in a way that will maximise on your investment and save you time and unnecessary stress. As a designer and builder, we will work together, and I will place before you an array of options and advice.  You can RELAX all throughout, because you will be confident that you will get your desired outcome.”

Ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling to find a builder who puts you first every time?
  • Have you tried display home builders in Victoria but couldn’t get the changes, finishes or individuality that you want?
  • Are you worried about paying an independent architect for designs, because you suddenly found out that your building budget has blown out?
  • Have you tried a custom home builder, paid a deposit and found that the process just took too long to get the plans drawn and a price quotation delivered  to you?
  • Are you worried that you might pay a custom home builder a deposit for designs, only to find out that your initial price to build has increased substantially?
  • Are you finding it difficult to compare prices between custom home builders?
  • Are you tired of talking to home building consultants in Victoria who have limited knowledge in design and building to guide you confidently through the process?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this information is definitely for you.

What if…

… you could find an award-winning prestigious builder  of excellent repute, who will honestly provide  a total design and build service?  A builder who will offer suggestions, and guide you from a well thought out design (that brings the highest potential value to your property) up to completion, based on what you want and an agreed budget?

Would you…

… feel at ease if your award-winning builder GUARANTEES the original price quoted (without any nasty surprises)?  And if by chance he cannot do so, will provide a FULL REFUND of your deposit, PLUS grant you copyright ownership?

Would you…

… feel reassured if you discovered you could talk and liaise directly with your builder, who has a great understanding in design and construction and will do everything he says he will do?


You’ll discover how our clients have been provided with the CARE and ATTENTION they deserve throughout the entire design and building process.

Let’s Take A Look At What Clients Are Saying

Extract from The Weekly Review -19th April 2012

“Bilotta’s design skills, attention to detail and respect for his clients are regularly praised by the people who engage his services.”

Dear Frank and Trish

Professional couple Malindi and Aseem moved into their European provincial home just over a year ago and regard it’s as much “Frank’s house” as their own. The couple wanted a home that would provide intimate spaces as well as be suitable for entertaining. After seeing country houses in France and the UK, they knew exactly what they wanted.

<strong“We spoke to quite a few custom builders and found they were not really listening to us. Then we came across Qinross and they came to us and we were able to sit down and talk and be heard.”

Malindi says Bilotta was able to help them understand what would work and, conversely, what wouldn’t: “We originally wanted an English conservatory but he persuaded us it would be highly unsuitable in the Australian climate.”

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Malindi and Aseem

Dear Frank and Trish

Young professionals – Judy and Roy

“Having a builder who can design makes a big difference. We wanted a home that was European provincial externally with a horseshoe flow of entertaining rooms internally. Frank understood what we wanted and added a lot of value to our ideas.”

Young professionals Judy and Roy were embarking on their first home build and knew they wanted a French provincial home. After speaking to and researching custom builders, they came across Qinross.

“We were set on French provincial from the beginning and we shopped around for builders for quite a while. Some builders don’t actually meet the people they design and build for, but when we met Frank and Qinross we discovered it was very different. We saw Frank’s ad for his display home in Balwyn and went to see the home and fell in love with it. Then we met him and pretty much decided this was what we wanted.”

“It was so different working with Frank. We weren’t talking to a sales consultant, we were talking to him, and he was going to design and build our house for us. Frank was able to understand us and suggest what would suit us and what we might like. Frank said let me draw it for you. And when we saw it, we said yes immediately – it was just what we wanted.”

Judy and Roy

So that you can get started and achieve an understanding of your direction we have provided you with the following solutions:

With a 5-POINT SOLUTION when selecting from our pre-designed homes for only $195 (normally worth $950) we offer to ……
  • View your land
  • Discuss your requirements
  • Obtain site levels and important features
  • Provide site plan with a building outline of your proposed house
  • Provide an overall price package
With a 6-POINT SOLUTION when modifying our pre-designed homes for only $495 (normally worth $2750) we offer to …..
  • View your land
  • Discuss your requirements
  • Obtain site levels and important features
  • Provide a site plan with a building outline of your proposed house
  • Provide a modified floor layout of your proposed house
  • Provide an overall price package
With a 7-POINT SOLUTION when requiring a custom design for only $995 (normally worth $3750) we offer to …..
  • View your land
  • Discuss your requirements
  • Obtain site levels and important features
  • Provide a site plan with a building outline of your proposed house
  • Provide internal floor layout of your proposed house
  • Provide an overall price package
  • Provide a Price Guarantee (or Full Refund of your deposit)

Who is Frank Bilotta and why should you listen to me?

Frank Bilotta portraitMy company, Qinross Pty Ltd has been fortunate to win several awards since its inception in 1996. Among others, the firm won the 2009 HIA (Housing Industry Association Award) Victorian Spec Home over $500,000.  Most recently, we were a finalist in the 2013 Master Builders Best Custom Home ($1 million to $2 million range) from the Master Builders Association Victoria Award.
Excellence is achieved through hard work and many years of commitment to your industry and to every detail of what you build up to its final output.  I learned this early, as I have been a builder all my life.
I started  building when I was 22, working in the family business which focused on designing and constructing extensions and units for various clients.  At that time, I was hands-on at every stage, pouring strip footings, crawling under floors, removing roofs, building wall frames and roof structures.  This was the foundation of what Qinross is today.
Early on, I was promoted to supervisor, overlooking every detail including completing the finishing touches and finally handing over each home to our clients.  From there we decided to build our first display home so that clients would be able to see our work.  Those were exciting days for me, as I was learning a great deal, especially the importance of even the smallest details of a home.
It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. There were many mistakes I made along the way, but I have to say I am happy I made these mistakes as I have learnt a lot since those early days.


One of our earlier display homes in Wantirna Melbourne

One of our earlier display homes in Wantirna Melbourne – 1994


Our clients come first…….

Qinross's first display home in Glen Waverley Mebourne

Qinross’s first display home in Glen Waverley Mebourne

Qinross's recent award winning display home in Balwyn Melbourne

Qinross’s recent award winning display home in Balwyn Melbourne

In the late 90’s I started my own company “Qinross” and continued building new homes and townhouses.

With the combination of design and construction I was able to build quality prestige homes and provide an all-in-one service for our clients.

Today we continue to design and build quality prestige homes for our clients.

What you gain from Qinross

  • Total solutions on the entire project including outdoor, landscaping, pool & tennis courts
  • Design, permits & construction all under one roof
  • We integrate early & support our customers in meeting their cost targets while maintaining high standards of quality
  • Design & construct intelligently and able to produce individual work.
  • Minimise maintenance – we take on a limited amount of work each year and provide a high rate of supervision for each home
  • We have thoughtful processes and eliminate waste
  • We strive for inventive low cost solutions for achieving better outcomes
  • Exceed expectations and deliver a better experience for our customers
  • We take care of our clients
  • We keep costs transparent
  • We keep communication clear
  • We are able to provide a choice of your architect or ours
  • We have a complete understanding of the complexities involved in creating a luxurious environment
“10 Things You Must Know Before Buying Land To Build Your Home”
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