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8 Tips to Save Time and Money by Planning your LANDSCAPING and POOL Prior to Building your Home.

  1. Have you considered the location of your pool, garden beds and paving?
    When planning your home, do consider your pool and landscaping from the start. Otherwise, you may be leaving the outside landscaping and pool to chance. This could lead to unnecessary extra cost and needless stress. By planning your pool and landscaping from the start, you will pay a little more, and spend more time planning. But in the long term, you will benefit a great deal more by doing so.
    How do you approach the planning of your external works?

    1. Ask your builder and/or architect to include your pool and landscaping within the design.
      Keep in mind that they don’t need to include a planting schedule – this can be done later by your landscape architect or landscaper.
    2. Consult a landscape architect to work together with your builder and/or architect – s/he will then produce a separate landscaping plan and will include a planting schedule.
    3. Consult several pool builders and ask them to provide you with their standard pools and pricing – liaise between a builder and your home builder/architect/landscape architect.
  2. Ask your builder to excavate your land around your home to accommodate your landscaping levels.

    I have seen newly completed homes where the outside of the property was only excavated to fit the house, with no consideration for future external landscaping works.
    So what did this mean for the home owner? More landscaping costs!
    Why not do all this before the house is built when the builder is excavating the site for the house?
    It makes sense and can save you thousands of dollars!
    However, this is where it gets tricky! In order for the builder to excavate for future landscaping works there needs to be a clear and fully documented landscaping or site plan. It must show finished floor levels and required excavated ground levels for all areas, including your garden beds, paving, and pool.
    Also, consider this – some builders just don’t want to spend the extra time on site, looking after the excavation machines, in order to excavate the required levels for landscaping… and… some builders don’t want to take on the added responsibility.
  3. Investigate where your pool solar is going to be located and how the pipe work is going to run below ground and through your home.
    Nowadays your house roof plays a much greater role than just protecting against the weather.
    Not only do we sometimes install air conditioning condensers on our roof, we also use our roof area for solar gain!
    The main solar gains we know of are from electric solar panels, hot water solar panels and pool solar panels.
    In order to achieve the best solar gain a north-facing roof is the best in Melbourne!
    How much roof space do we need in order to fit all these solar panels and air-conditioning condensers? A lot!
    So don’t assume that things will be right and hope for the best.
    If you want to save by using solar as much as possible, then you need to plan well ahead… In fact you should ask your builder/architect to make sure that all these solar panels are going to fit on your north-facing roof. Get your architect to draw a roof diagram with all the solar panels drawn in place, and ask him/her to check for trees, neighbouring buildings and equipment that could potentially cast shadows on the proposed solar panels. Consult your pool builder and show him/her the roof plan. Discuss pipe access to the solar panels with your pool builder and home builder.
  4. Make sure you work out all necessary drainage, pipework and electrical work for your pool and landscaping.
    It’s great to know that your home is on track and on the way to being completed. However, have you prepared for your pool and landscaping connections? What I mean by this is, if you are considering building a pool and having your landscaping services in Melbourne AUS provided by persons other than your home builder, then there are certain items that you should ask your builder to prepare for. This is where you need to liaise with your pool and landscaping contractors prior to commencing the construction of your home, and finding out what they need from your builder.

    Things to consider:

    1. Are you going to need a gas or electric heater for your pool? Ask your builder to allow for connections as close as possible to the future location of your pool equipment/heater. Make sure you take into considering the location of the laying of the pipes. They should not be installed in the way of future pipes or structures that you may have to build later on.
    2. Ask your builder to provide a dedicated power supply from your house switch board, as close as possible to your pool equipment. Liaise with your pool builder to find out the required position.
    3. Do you need garden lights and pool lights? If so ask you builder to add provisions around your home so that your landscaper and pool builder can connect the garden and pool lights.
    4. Do you wish to be able to control your landscaping and pool lights from inside your home?
      Again, consult with your builder to allow for switches in appropriate locations.
    5. Ask your builder to provide a sewer point that your pool builder can connect the pool waste water to. Try to place the connection within a garden bed, as you will see a vent pipe above ground.
    6. Ask your builder to provide drainage points for your paving and retaining walls, and make sure that s/he has allowed enough pipe depth for the entire landscaped area. Some builders do not think about this, and therefore do not discuss this with their drainer. Consequently, the drainer will not allow for the extra required depth when installing the drains.
    7. Are you going to have an automatic pool water filler? If so, ask your builder to provide a water supply close to the pool location so that your pool builder can connect to it.
  5. Are you going to build your pool closer than 2.5m to your home?

    Consult with your builder, as s/he will need to allow for structural piers below the house opposite the pool.
  6. Do you have adequate access alongside your home in order to be able to build your pool after your house has been built?

    To make sure that you have enough space and room, it’s best to consult with your pool builder and determine the required space, during or prior to the design stage of your home.
  7. Have you considered fencing for your pool, and does it require consideration when building your home?
    Consult with your pool builder and home builder during the design stage so that this can be carefully considered prior to building your home. Neighbouring properties play an important part in the regulations for pool safety, so your builder and pool builder will need to be mindful of this. Glass pool fencing is great, but if you want to avoid having to clean it every time you get into the pool, try to keep it as far away from the pool edge as you are able to.
  8. If you are having your pool built prior to building your house?
    Ask your builder to provide survey peg offsets to one side of your pool while s/he is having the site surveyed in order to avoid any problems later, such as when matching your pool paving to your house.
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